Essential Items for Any Art Studio

An art studio is an amazing place to create colorful artwork.  And you can easily make a studio out of a spare room.  Here are some of the essential items for any art studio. #1)  A desk –  The number one thing that you need for your art studio is a desk.  The purpose of […]

Improve Your Skills By Enrolling In Art School

The best art schools provide the opportunity for people who have an exceptional talent in art and want to further develop it. Although many people consider art to just involve painting and drawing, it offers more than that. Besides, the increasing use of technology has led to the emergence of many other forms of art […]

Finding the Balancing Act

As an artist with kids, it is very important to find the perfect balancing act. There are a lot of efforts that go into managing family life and your art studio. I wouldn’t want to keep the canvas waiting a long time and therefore I have come across this very beautiful mode of leading life […]

Life As A Vegan

Many people do not understand the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. As an artist and a vegan, I try to explain to people what it entails when they ask, but everyone has a different opinion on the matter and it all comes down to respecting others wishes and ways. What Is A Vegan? […]

Organizing Your Art Studio

If you are thinking of adding shelves to your studio, you will see how rewarding and fun the experience will be, especially with the wide choice of metal shelf brackets you have. There is nothing better than adding something new to a wall especially if it looks decorative and enhances the appearance of the room. […]

Painting The Northern Lights: A Spectacular Event

As an artist, it is amazing what you are able to put on a canvas. Many people see something absolutely gorgeous and takes a photograph of it. But if you are an artist, you do not just want it on photo paper, you want it on canvas and basically anywhere you can think of as […]

Best Art Museums in Ohio

Best Art Museums in Ohio Ohio remains an exciting place to visit regardless of your age or interests, however, art lovers will find it incredibly satisfying as there are a number of art museums to explore. Due to the graphical location of Ohio it is extremely affordable for families to visit. Whilst there, you can […]