Essential Items for Any Art Studio

An art studio is an amazing place to create colorful artwork.  And you can easily make a studio out of a spare room.  Here are some of the essential items for any art studio.

#1)  A desk –  The number one thing that you need for your art studio is a desk.  The purpose of having a desk is to keep your artwork and supplies off of the floor.  You can also use the art desk as a place to sit down and plan out your next creation.artstudio

#2)  Good lighting –  Another important feature of a good art studio is the lighting.  Natural lighting is the best option so you should look for a studio that has a lot of windows.  If you can’t find a studio that has a lot of windows or cannot move your space, you can install bright overhead lighting.

#3)  Things to write with –  Pens, pencils, and markers are some of the most important writing utensils to have stocked in your art studio.  A good pencil is a must-have tool for an artist who sketches.

#4)  A good easel –  A good easel will provide a solid surface for you to paint and draw on.  A bad easel can shift around and cause your painting to fall on the floor.

#5)  Misting fan –  Art studios get hot, especially in the summer time.  While not everyone can afford air conditioning it is often best to have a large commercial fan at your disposal.

#6)  A wide variety of paint brushes –  Having a wide variety of brushes is important for your art studio.  You need big, thick brushes for larger areas.  And smaller brushes and bristles for smaller details.

#7)  A place to store all of your things –  You need a proper place to store all of your art supplies.  Sometimes art supplies can get ruined when it gets too cold or too hot.  You should also make sure to not leave your art supplies in the sun.  Something like paint can dry up and get destroyed when it sits in the sun for long periods of time.

#8)  Something to cover and protect the floor –  Having something to cover the floor will prevent you from ruining your art studio.  A lot of artists like to use a large, basic white bed sheet.  But you can also protect the floors by laying down a piece of tarp.

#9)  Good music system –  Rather than buy a home audio system, get a portable wireless speaker and stream your favorite tunes from your phone or table while you paint. Drop in at for some great portable speaker reviews.

#10)  A sink to clean up –  Having a sink in an art studio is a blessing because you can clean up without leaving the room.  It is easy to make a ton of mess when you are creating artwork!  If you are an artist who creates sculptures, you will probably need a source of water in order to create the clay.

#11) A computer to make a sale –  Artists who plan on selling their artwork might want a computer in their studio.  Having a computer in your studio will allow you to take a picture and upload it onto your site right after you finish.

Portfolios, good lighting, and proper storage are only some of the key items in a good art studio.