Finding the Balancing Act

As an artist with kids, it is very important to find the perfect balancing act. There are a lot of efforts that go into managing family life and your art studio. I wouldn’t want to keep the canvas waiting a long time and therefore I have come across this very beautiful mode of leading life that helps me balance work and family life. I try to find my muse in everyday life and what I see around me. Being with family is essentially a search for inspiration and thus far this process has worked brilliantly.

Activities to Help you become a Better Artist

baby paintingThere are numerous ways to better your creative skills but when you have a family to raise, it becomes a little difficult to find time on your own. The best to go about it is to let your children and spouse share your space. Let them into your reverie and perhaps you would find that there are better things to find. In my younger days, I often used to hitch hike my way through a sunny day. I still do that but now I do it with my kids and my better half.

We simply pack up our things, mount a hitch bike rack on the car for kids to carry their bikes and set off to some of the most picturesque locations around the town. Being on the road itself is an extraordinary experience and if you can absorb the excitement of it, you would find the wind talk to you, the road and the rubber sing to you, the laughter melting down all your troubles, your mind detoxifying itself and then when you look around, there are more than one source of inspiration.

Once your road trip comes to an end and you set up a camp at the base of a mountain, you have the nights with you to sit by the fire and organize your thoughts. You have the morning with you to look closely at the dew drops and teach your kids a thing or two about butterflies. You have the noon to go fishing and you have the evening to ride on your bike and teach the kids how to mount their bikes on the rack. All in all, you take home with you a beautiful experience. After a few weeks, out of nowhere, the experience comes calling to you and you find yourself painting the canvas to create something as beautiful as you have ever created.

The best way to find the perfect balance between family life and your life as an artist is to let the people close to you in. Let them inside your world and you never know, you might even come across some great ideas from your beloved which could further help you give shape to a wonderful work of art.

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