Life As A Vegan

daily-veggieMany people do not understand the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian. As an artist and a vegan, I try to explain to people what it entails when they ask, but everyone has a different opinion on the matter and it all comes down to respecting others wishes and ways.

What Is A Vegan?

A Vegan excludes all animal products, diary products and eggs from their diet.

Enrolling As A Vegan Chef

Thinking you might want to make a career as a vegan chef? If you’ve even imagined your career as a chef or have dreamt of learning more about vegetarian or vegan dishes, then this article offers you a few facts before you enroll in any vegan chef classes or make an informed decision on becoming a vegetarian chef.

Becoming A Vegan Chef Is Not Easy

The very best vegan chefs in the world are very passionate about the food they prepare, the whole idea of serving super nutritious meals to their clients or customers. A career as vegan chef can be an extremely rewarding and demanding for anyone with a fascination for healthier foods or in becoming a chef.

Starting At The Beginning

However like any other job, you will start at the bottom doing menial tasks; however, this is where the learning truly begins. So it is imperative that you take advantage of everything that is taught to you at this stage. Pay close attention and you will be well on your way to becoming a chef.

Climbing The Ranks

As you become more skillful, speedy, and accurate with your preparation, it won’t be long before you begin to move up the ranks to the ultimate executive chef level. As time goes on you may want to also consider taking vegan classes, since in some ways, vegans can be more difficult to cook for.

Your Duties

live_photo16806664To enjoy a good career as a vegan chef, one not only needs to be a talented cook, but also a good people manager – you must be able to operate in stressful situations and lead people at the same time. Managing a kitchen and being responsible for both the food preparation and staff requires someone with a cool temperament and the ability to sort out problems.


As a you will need to be physically strong, since you will be standing on your feet all day in a hot or humid kitchen. Plus you will need to be able to lift and carry heavy quantities of food. So you should involve some sort of fitness program as well as those supplemental chef classes.

Gain Experience

Young people starting out in their career as a vegan chef have the choice of attending culinary school or taking a position in a restaurant to gain experience. Both have their advantages. You may have to gain at least some hands-on experience in a vegan or vegetarian restaurant if you have your heart set on becoming a vegan cook.

Social Life

There may be long hours and work on weekends and holidays, as these are generally the busiest times for a chef, so you may miss time at home with friends and family. This may be even more so if you choose becoming a chef.

Make Sure It Is For You

If you are still in school and have a work experience program, talk to your instructors about spending some of your hours at a cafe or restaurant. Talk to people who are in the business already. Check out feedback from websites and blogs written by people involved in the food industry. Also, approach a culinary school on their open day and discuss your ambitions with the guidance counselor about becoming a vegan chef or about a career as a vegan chef.