Taking A Cruise Gets Your Creative Juices Flowing

Going on a vacation helps you clear your head and see things from a different perspective. This is especially perfect for an artist as you can easily get to that point where you experience a “block” in your creativity. You must take a break once in a while so your “creative juices” can start flowing again. Take your vacation and use it as your newly found inspiration. I, for one, found it very satisfying. We went on a river cruise to Germany and it was absolutely spectacular. That was all I needed to get back into the “game”. I used the sights and smells I experienced on the cruise as inspiration for my new piece, and I am pretty impressed with the outcome.

Our Cruise On The Rhine River

There are many reasons you should consider taking the Rhine river cruise for your next vacation. These include:

  • Getting to see more of Germany
  • Saving loads of money
  • Having more fun
  • The cruise lines know where to take you


These river cruises are excellent options for a vacation that will provide an experience of a lifetime.

Why Take The Cruise?

If you are planning a trip to Germany and you aren’t sure where you should go, because there are so many cities that you want to see, you might consider a Rhine river cruise.

  • Every city in the country has something to see and a culture to share with you.
  • A cruise along the Rhine river will give you the opportunity to visit a handful of Germany’s finest cities where you can experience each city and what they have to offer.
  • There is no reason to get a hotel room in one city and confine your vacation to only one destination. A cruise gives you the opportunity to see more of the countryside.
  • Sailing along the Rhine river is a beautiful trip too and you will be very satisfied with your choice.

Danube vs Rhine

Many people cannot decide between Danube and Rhine river cruise options. Both Danube river cruises and Rhine cruises are fantastic. You should look at the destinations and be sure where you would like to go. The Rhine offers amazing ports to stop in the heart of the German country. The good news is that the cruise lines know where to take you. If you are traveling by foot or rental car, you won’t know where the hotspots are or which cities to go to. Many of the people working on the ship can give you advice on local destinations you shouldn’t miss while the boat is docked at port. You can take part in excursions as well if you are interested.

Going On A Cruise

Rhine river cruises are safe and a lot of fun. Traveling to a country you have never been to can be a little scary and frustrating if you don’t speak the language very well. Uniworld river cruises is the best option, because it is a well planned vacation with structure. You don’t have to worry about getting lost and everything is in the hands of the ship. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the river.

There will be plenty to do on the boat as well.

A boat is advantageous over a rental car, because you can have fun as you travel to each destination, rather than sit in a seat riding on the highway. Cars are uncomfortable and the trip slows down every time you must stop to eat, use the bathroom, or get out and stretch.

There are many reasons people choose to go on Rhine river cruises for their vacation to Germany’s finest cities. This type of vacation allows you to see the countryside comfortably, is much cheaper, you get to see more cities, and much more. Cruising on a boat is a lot of fun. If you cannot decide between Danube vs Rhine cruise, it is good to compare the different cruise destinations and costs.

All in all, it was the perfect vacation to clear my mind. When we got home, I could sit in my studio, paint brush in my hand and immediately start putting all my ideas on canvas. It was such a satisfying feeling, something I haven’t had in a long time.

Improve Your Skills By Enrolling In Art School

The best art schools provide the opportunity for people who have an exceptional talent in art and want to further develop it. Although many people consider art to just involve painting and drawing, it offers more than that. Besides, the increasing use of technology has led to the emergence of many other forms of art besides just the traditional forms such as paining. It is for this reason that individuals who would like to express themselves in various areas of art should consider enrolling in art schools and get an art education degree. In addition, art schools will enable students to discover their innate talents and will guide them to explore in other areas of art.


Getting into any of the art schools that are in the top 100 requires more than just academic intelligence. Due to the rise in the number of applicants, academic institutions have been forced to look at other criteria when deciding who to admit. One such criteria used is the skill possessed by the applicant besides their academic skills. Since many of the art schools in US do not base their decision on academics alone, those who want to get the chance to study in some of these top rated institutions need to prepare early and develop other skills that are not related to academics so as not to be disappointed during the application process.

Looking At Your Portfolio

3b868_mar22_nationalacademyIn most of the art schools, the officials in charge of the admission process look into various factors concerning the person applying during the selection process. One of the most important considerations that they never fail to look at is the portfolio or sample works of the applicant. Those with considerable amount of work have a higher chance of joining the art instruction school compared to individuals who do not. Besides their portfolio, one other consideration includes the applicants recommendations from either high school or art professionals. They may also look at the applicant’s degree of creativity, technical skills and their ability to work in a team. Since positions in these design art schools are limited, those who want to join should be fully prepared.

Programs Provided

There are various programs that are provided in these art schools and this provides the prospective student with a wide variety of courses to choose from. They do this in order to transform the student’s artistic ability, either in drawing, painting, graphic design and many others, into a profitable and stimulating profession. Most of these institutions are 4 year colleges with art degrees in areas such as graphic design, animation, painting, visual arts, illustration, sculpture and many others. The courses offered are all around allowing graduates to be well prepared in terms of skills and talents, enabling them to become professionals who can earn a living doing art. Furthermore, most of the top ranked art schools provide managerial courses besides art that equip students with managerial and financial skills so as to create business opportunities that benefit the society as a whole in terms of job creation.

Can I Apply For Online Courses?

Registering for a course at an art school online is slowly becoming popular among individuals who are busy and cannot find the time to attend regular schools. Besides this, these schools enable those who have limited finances to fulfill their dreams of becoming art professionals since most of the courses offered at online design art schools are less expensive. Furthermore, those interested can decide to join online programs to achieve their dream to gain or increase their understanding in any field of their choice. Students who are interested in doing art courses need to understand that there are various categories or subjects to specialize in rather than studying for a general course. One can specialize in any area of interest such as photography, animation, visual and arts, digital arts among others available at the online art school.

Which Are To Major In

Just like taking a course in a physical educational institution, students who have enrolled in any online art school are able to major in different degrees in areas such as fine art, web design, photography, media production as well as painting. The widespread use of the internet has led to the spread of these institutions and now just with a simple click; prospective students are able to find tons of free information online. This information may include the various courses offered and fees charged among other information. Just like traditional colleges that are operated professionally, the best online art schools operate in the same way. They offer students with up to date and relevant curriculum that is designed to produce a well rounded graduate. Thus, there is no need is to worry about the relevance or worth of the online course.

Easy Access

art_educationThe benefit of enrolling in an online art school is that students are able to access international courses. This means that if a particular course is offered lets say in Italy while the students live in Britain; there is no need for them to travel all the way to Italy. All they have to do is register for the course online and they will have full access – won’t even need a backpack! This not only helps them to cut on transport and accommodation fees, it also allows them to obtain art courses in areas that are renowned for their excellent programs.

In an online art school program, the student does not necessarily have to sit on the computer all day long. There are materials that they will be able to download, print and study offline. The beauty of enrolling in such programs is that students will be able to have a virtual one on one with the art instructor via video conferencing, unlike in traditional schools where the ratio of student to teacher is very high making it hard for students to interact with their teachers. Parents who need to instill the beauty of art in their children can also do so by registering them for online programs that are entirely designed for kids. This will give them the experience and knowledge that will help shape their future in arts.

Organizing Your Art Studio

If you are thinking of adding shelves to your studio, you will see how rewarding and fun the experience will be, especially with the wide choice of metal shelf brackets you have. There is nothing better than adding something new to a wall especially if it looks decorative and enhances the appearance of the room. Putting in enough shelves in your studio will help you be more organized.

Finding Brackets For Your Shelving

When you are out there looking for the perfect metal brackets for your shelving, it is not a difficult task at all. You can visit almost any retailer in your area and find the right set for you. Even some grocery stores sell a few styles that are worth considering. However, it is hardware stores and lumber yards that will have a bigger range for you to choose from. You will come across different prices, but if you are not happy with the price of a certain set of brackets, go to another store and see if you are able to find it cheaper there. Shop around and compare prices and also take the time to see what is available to you and you are sure to find something perfect in no time.

Types Of Brackets

Before you rush out and buy a set of brackets, it is always better to see which materials are better for your purpose. Wood brackets can be cheaper and plastic can be worthwhile, but when it comes to finding the best bracket for a shelf, metal shelf brackets is by far the best. Metal brackets can accommodate much more weight than plastic and wood and you will also get a more secure fit when mounting it to the wall. Also, they are known to last much longer and hold their place for longer than any other material shelf can.

When you go out to purchase brackets for your studio shelving, make sure that you choose the right sizes.

Stainless Steel Wire Shelving Is Also An Option

super_erecta_stem_caster_cartStainless steel shelving are made from interwoven wires that you will be able to mount to any wall. Because they are stainless steel, you can be certain that it will not rust, oxidize and corrode. Stainless steel is perfect for storing and it also prevents mildew and mold. This material will not harbor termites, dampness or dirt. The other great thing is that stainless steel shelving can be assembled easily and can also be moved around the home whenever you want. The other thing is that stainless steel is not coated with another material like plastic to protect it, because there is no need to use these coatings when using stainless steel.

Do Some Research

You will be able to use stainless steel wire shelving in many different configurations. Many times you will find that the mounts and the shelves are sold separately, because every structure and wall will require their own wall mount specification as all walls are not the same, so what works on one wall might not work on another wall. The best thing that you could do is research. This way you will be able to find stainless steel shelving that comes with an adjustable feature and this is the way that you will be able to identify what will be best for you to use.

Using Chrome

The shelving can be finished with chrome if you think that will look good in the room of the house you would like to put it in, but this is not compulsory. If you prefer to have the plain stainless steel look, then that is just fine too.

Metro Stainless Steel

There is also metro stainless steel wire shelving for you to use; the only way you will be able to decide what it is that you want to use is if you do your research online and determine what will be more cost effective as well as what will look best in your home. You could also use different stainless steel shelves in your studio as they do not have to all look the same. If you are having trouble making a decision between two types of stainless steel wire shelves try to choose one that will better fit in your studio.

Shelving is always a good idea for a studio as you have so many different tools, paint and whatever you add to your art work daily. An art studio do not have to be spring cleaned every day, but as long as it is organized, working in it will be pleasant. Putting up shelves will also help you save some space in your studio for you to do your art. You need space for the inspiration to flow freely.

Painting The Northern Lights: A Spectacular Event

1609977-bigthumbnailAs an artist, it is amazing what you are able to put on a canvas. Many people see something absolutely gorgeous and takes a photograph of it. But if you are an artist, you do not just want it on photo paper, you want it on canvas and basically anywhere you can think of as long as it stands out and speaks to you. One of these phenomenons are the beauty of the Northern Lights. Experiencing these lights first hand is anyone’s dream, especially for me as an artist. I would give anything to be able to see it in front of me and putting it on my canvas.

Viewing The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is named after Aurora, Roman goddess of the dawn and Borealis, god of the wind. Northern Lights viewing have become a frequent recreational activity in many northernmost regions of the Western world. Every year thousands of visitors to the “Aurora Oval” (an area where this natural light show can be seen best) ask where to see the Northern Lights.

Where to see the Northern Lights can be summed up with the following top three spots for Northern Lights viewing. Traveling to these Northern Lights viewing spots will let you experience this wonderful natural spectacular, firsthand without necessary breaking the bank.

Northern Lights In The Eastern Hemisphere

The first stop on our Northern Lights viewing map is Northern Scandinavia. We will make a stop along the very northern most tip of the Norwegian coast in the region called Finnmark (which borders three other nations, Sweden, Finland and Russia).

North Cape

For the ultimate northern light viewing amphitheater, we will make our way to the North Cape in Northern Norway. It is a 1000 ft (307 meters) high cliff, and tops our list of where to see the Northern Lights. Where a quarter million tourists a year make their way see this great color and light show, North Cape should be on your light show itinerary. Here, you can see the aurora borealis every other clear night, if not more frequently.


The second stop on our where to see Northern Lights road trip is Iceland. Due to its geographical placement at the Earth’s pole, Iceland is located in what’s called the “Aurora Oval”. The “Aurora Oval” is the area on the Earth where the Northern Lights occur most and are brightest. The aurora borealis can almost always be seen In Iceland as long as the sky is clear.

Northern Lights In The Western Hemisphere

northern-lights1_1753909iThe third stop along our journey, and probably the easiest to reach if you live in the Americas, is the northern Aurora Oval area of choice – Alaska. Fairbanks, Alaska is a great location within the Aurora Oval.

Staying In Fairbanks

According to the Fairbanks Visitors Bureau, if a person stays just three nights in Fairbanks, they have an eighty percent chance of seeing the Northern Lights during their stay. Denali, in the northern part of the state is also on the Alaska’s watch list of where to clearly see the Northern Light. Where other Alaskan places maybe closer for Northern Lights viewing, they are also more difficult to reach and offer fewer accommodations except for the most hardy of travelers.

With any or all of these destinations on where to see Northern Lights travel list; you are sure to get a spectacular view of the Northern Lights from some place in world. Seeing photos and videos of these lights are amazing, but seeing it with the naked eye, can only be out of this world.